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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making it healthier.

Things that are enriched can have added items you would never eat on your own. Iron fortified cereals can contain iron filings. Fiber rich foods can contain wood pulp. Rodent hairs, mites, bugs, flies or their eggs or body part are also allowed by FDA.

Carmine also called Cochineal, Cochineal Extract, Crimson Lake, Natural Red 4, C.I. 75470, E120, and Carminic Acid is the powdered bodies of dried cochineal beetles. The small item that the British used to make there red coats.....  is found in many red colored food products!  Real labels and check that healthy little carton of yogurt.... anything that is "red berry flavored"...

Shellac is made from the Kerria lacca insect's sticky excretions that is commonly found in the forests of Thailand. The insect secretes this sticky liquid to help it stay on the plant that is home.  Now when the substance is being harvested sometimes the the little bug gets in the mix.  Ok many of times it is added to make the shellac that make our candy so shinny.....  Oh and of course our fruits that are so shinny on the shelves...

Bone char is made from the bones of cows from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan that have died from "natural causes."  First the bones are used my the gelatin industry for the inner part of the bone to make gelatin. Then it is sold to the sugar company. Bone char is used to bleach our sugar to help it  look that beautiful white color. Sugar starts out as a brown color and companies use bone char to help make it look bright and white.

Now there are reports I have seen online and on the news.  That the "blueberries" in many of the foods we buy thinking that we are getting the antitoxin effect of these wonderful berries are really just a corn syrup sugar chemical chip..... AND I found out by researching this (there is a ton of sites that are reporting on this) that strawberries and raspberries are the same way.  Just chemical chips not the real berries dried for future use...

Speaking of future use... if you remove the oxygen from a items such as juice you can keep for  almost a year.  but this also get rid of the flavor and the companies need to add a artificial flavoring... Funny thing is the USDA will test it but not do anything to fix it....

Oh yea that why I make many things from scratch... plus I read many blogs of mom with the same ideals as me... you would be surprised at the recipe that you can find on line from moms that want to give there kids whole foods.  Recipes for pop tarts, and other junk food....


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