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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Recycled Crafts part 2

SO one night while bored I was lost on the web found myself looking at craft ideas for Halloween. Some how don't remember how I landed on The Swell Life. Where I saw some cool Candy corn bottles.  She used spray paint for the yellow and orange part but I used regular craft paint.  I couldn't find cheap spray paint, I mean I was dropping $6 a can for large colored spray paint. I went to the craft store and spent a dollar for each color....
I spray painted them white and let dry.  Then I painted the colored part.   I did have paint a couple coats to the colored part.  I let dry between coats.  I also sprayed the finished bottles with a clear glaze to help keep the paint from being washed or chipped off......

So even more bored I went and googled poison labels.  I found a few and got them from all different places.... a couple of bottles I spray painted black to look more spooky.  While others I keep clear to add crazy stuff to the bottle to match the label.  Like fairy clippings I have glitter and feathers in the jar.  A couple didn't make it to the picture, like swamp fog with used drier sheets; oh the girls never can hit the trash can for some reason!!! Plus a bottle with the label can of worms... I am going to cut up pieces of black and brown yarn for that... you know I looked for small rubber snakes and can't find them... but I have a bottle of juice that will be emptied soon and will have red liquid replacing it.  I have the label vampire blood  to add to it...

 Oh yea I go a little crazy on Halloween 


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