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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A better Cup

So Starbucks is sponsoring a contest the Betacup Challenge to make a better cup to keep their promise of serving 100 percent of its drinks in reusable or recyclable cups by 2015.
Well we did get them to stop using hormones, rBGH” and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) milk in there stores.

If you have a idea on how to help Starbucks do this, please feel free to visit this site.

But looking around this site I found it sad that they posted a page on why people do not use  reusable cups.

What about why they should????
Saving energy in the making the paper cups, the trash they produce and the waste of one time use....

Reading the comments on this page of  wanting  a cup that fits the  car cup holder spot and a lid..
Well sweetie there is a web site with a cup called I am not a paper cup you can order at Amazon! It is a porcelain cup with a lid. However I found one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for cheaper (plus you don't have to pay for shipping and handling.) 
For me it wasn't  any gas wasted, it is located right next to work.  Picked it up one day before work and used it....... I do use it at work for coffee.......  Going to get Miss Animal Rights the pink one, I think she would  love it if it had  a pink ribbon.  For the new followers she loves anything with the pink ribbon on it, partly because both both her grandmothers had breast cancer...... that and that is her favorite color.  guess you could say that it is double duty.  Doing something for the cure and something she likes.....   

   Many places will give you a discount to get a coffee or drink with a reusable cup.  Brueggers Bagel Shop charges a refill charge for a travel mug. Even Starbucks; gives you a discount on reusable cups.......

Being green and saving money!


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  1. I try and use mine whenever I have a planned trip...it's those unplanned ones when I dont and always kick myself for not just keeping a mug in the car!



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