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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Thoughts.

Hope you are having a good Earth Day I realy know I should be doing something crunchy today but I am just so tired! After working too many days in a row to get some time off for the week-end Earth Day celebration, I am just doing the same old thing. Housework.. Guess that is crunchy for I don't use chemicals.

But the fact is I think people don't get it, Earth Day Was first started on April 22 1970. It was a grass-roots movement to raise awareness of environmental issues. Then something wonderful happened... Approximately 20 million Americans participated. Without  formal organization Thousands of colleges and universities held protests. ... Protesting that lead to changes that we now have a EPA. Environmental Protection Agency. Not bad for a bunch of hippies right? Things like raw sewage, toxic dumps and pesticides that damaged the environment and companies  were freely doing their thing, without anything repercussions........... Raising awareness. Just think what would happen if we didn't regulate what chemicals that are being dumped into landfills and our water ways.  Think of some of the pictures of the poorest areas of the world  where there is trash in the streets and it smells of sewage due to poor water controls. 

But yet I see on Earth Day celebrations, things that make you go What the heck? What are they thinking? People with bottled water... the number one thing that is damaging our Oceans and killing sea life. People throwing their trash on the ground... wow and you are at a Earth Day celebration, to honor the Earth that way..........

But I guess I should understand that many people  don't want to change. They want the biggest car,  the latest widget, and more stuff that they really don't need.  They don't want to try to save the environment for the generations to come for they don't see it getting "that bad"......

SO I will work on my workshops.  Maybe I will get some to use environmentally friendly products if they don't want to make their own.

Keep trying to cut down on plastics. Packaging and waste.  Keep using my re-usable bags at the store.  My reusable cups. Yea Tec  realy likes his coffee mug.... Share my journey here ...


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  1. Yeah we cut out bottled water quite awhile ago. Our fridge has a water filter so we just drink it from there, and if we go out we take reusable cups with us.



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