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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It Rained Today

Crap the solar pizza oven couldn't work because we didn't have the solar power... But we had rain.  But hey the hot dogs, buns, relish  and mustard  went to a family that could use them......  they would go to waste here.

Saw people I haven't seen in a while.  A couple of them I only see at Earth Day!! LOL. But one friend is in  a co-op organic network. Treehouse Organics I got some Honey and Maple Syrup, yumm. Plus he made soup for the feast afterward but we ate it for lunch seeing how it rain off and on all day.  Being under a pavillion we did get kinda cold.  So vegetable soup was a nice touch!

The terrariums where a big hit.  The boys loved playing in the dirt......

My green cleaning work shop went nicely, plus I learn that salt with help with controlling fleas on the carpet........ salt and baking soda.... My new carpet freshener.  Open time after the talk with everyone sharing their cleaning short cuts, very cool.

The rain-sticks kinda where a kinda of the wine, wine what we don't want to make one.  But when we told them that they can color a picture to make it, they decided they might like it.  I think they where thinking what make more rain??? But when we started to show them the kids got excited....

So I have a ton of stuff sitting in boxes and bags all over the house from today. After loading up the car with craft supplies and food then having to unload at the site. Now unloading at home.  We really don't feel like dealing with it now... LOL But some of the stuff for crafts I have to deal with tomorrow after work because my trash and recycling goes out to the curb on Sunday nights.

But I am dry and warm now.......... 


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