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Monday, April 5, 2010

Ideas in Action

I saw this cute bag (well kinda cute bag) at Wally world the other day and thought I could make one like that. Then I remembered I had a string bag with a rip. I thought I saved it for the handles to make another grocery bag but I couldn't find it.  So I found this under my car seat. It shrank in the washer.  The pink ripped one got that way from the washer.  SO I thought why not fix this one too.   I can't stand the small handles and they don't fit over my arm when I have my winter coat on so that's why it found its way to under my car seat.  I didn't like to use it.

The bag I saw had a string bag outside and a lining inside. I almost used that material that is under the bag. Then I slept on it. I got the idea this morning to use a old t-shirt. The t-shirt will stretch just like the string bag does. So I went looking for a t-shirt. Nope, none in the goodwill box. But I found a ripped sweater. Yes that will work too.

I cut the top of the sweater right below the arm holes.  I sewed that  shut and used a french seam to make it stronger.  I pined the bottom (now the top of the bag lining) to the opening of the string bag.  I sewed around the bag. Giving the handles a X reinforcement  so they will be stronger and not rip with too much weight.

It doesn't look very big does it?   Doesn't look like much but I like it... I had to sew  on long handles and like the long handled string bags. 

Here it is in use with ketch-up, 2 boxes, 2 litter of pop. jar of peanuts and a can of chips with more room!! .



  1. I am following you from MBC! I love your green blog! I am a fellow green blogger, check my blog out when you get a chance!

  2. Very creative and and innovative of you. The bag looks lovely.



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