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Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's getting hot in here......

Warning A rant... I work at a grocery store and the weather is very nice the last couple of days. In the 70s so nice but people seems to forget that the temp realy can climb in a parked car in a parking lot. There is no shade in this grocery store parking lot.  But still people bring their dogs along for ride...  And leave them while they shop. Oh they are only running in for a minute or two the dog will be fine.

Wait a minute really? ON the day before Easter people think that they can run in to the store and be out in a minute or two?????? OMG!!!  My store was so busy that the lines where long starting at 8 AM... Ok that when I went in........ and it was hard to walk threw the store.  It was like Christmas Eve.... No way you are getting out in a couple of minutes............. Gesh!!   every time I went outside for breaks or lunch I heard a dog barking...

Studies have shown that even at 70 degrees F  the insides of a car can get at hot as 112 degrees F....
Let alone the summer time brings news stories of animals dying while humans go shopping, swimming or what ever. Plus the stories of babies and children dying in parked cars while the adults go drinking (the most I have heard was that reason or they where drunk and forgot where they parked), shopping or what ever.......  AND YES they get charged with the deaths. Sorry the only thing you can say to keep you from being charged is I never watched a TV and didn't know that could happen because I have can't feel heat.....   I don't get it.  I don't usually watch the news but have seen and heard stories about this.

Plus what about the stress of having to bark the entire  time the "human" is gone. You are getting drink or stopping by the drive threw but what about your fur baby with a coat on in your HOT CAR??   . Sorry this is so irritating to me that it still happens year after year, poor little animals and children dying because someone forgets this can happen!!!!!!!!!

 But then I went a did search for cool pictures of dogs and found My Dog is Cool where you can download flyers and posters to raise awareness about the dangers of hot cars and dogs. Guess I will leave some fliers on cars (but not at work I could get into trouble because we do have a camera system..)
Think they will get the picture then??? I wonder......


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