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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hypermilling AKA become a Safe driver!

I am not sure how to pronounce hypermilling, either it is \hyper\mill\ing\ or \hyper\mile\ing...It is a concept to help you save gas.  It is a way of driving for better MPG.  But the truth is it really should be called  courtesy driving or common sense driving.

Gee my dad taught me how to drive after giving me this deep lecture about the privilege of driving is  Not  a right... and it  can be taken away in a heartbeat.  Of course my teenage self rolling eyes told him yea I know... But he continued ..... That goes for adults as well as teens. That a license can be taken away if you get to many tickets and if you get into too many accidents. Then he told me something that has stuck with me for like forever! That a car is a great invention but it can easily become a 2 ton killing machine. It was MY Choice... MINE? But yea I get behind the wheel and well as is good for months. Then winter came to the suburb I grew up in and I killed a tree and a mailbox one morning. I was in tears I will never drive again........ I cried when I told the gentleman that answered the door when I was so sorry I killed his tree and mailbox.  he called my dad and told him I was so upset. Nut he made me get behind the wheel again and help me learn how to control the car in the snow.

I think most people need to remember that driving is privilege .... Not  a right... and it  can be taken away in a heartbeat.  That a 2 ton machine should be respected and not abused.

The things I learn to save gas from my researching hypermiling:

Keep the junk out of your trunk. Added weight will add aerodynamic drag to the  your car.
Same goes for the luggage and bike racks.  If you need to carry something outside the car use the back-end.

Drive slowly.  take the lane of least resistance to keep moving. Use smooth roads over the bumpy back roads if possible.

Stop and crawl at stop signs. Really you don't need to gun it when clear......

Slow up instead of hitting the brakes at the red light or stop sign. Just Taking your foot off the gas saves gas. Slowly putting on the brakes.

Idling is getting  0 MPG Don't idle for long.

Try to avoid rush hour.

Don't tailgate.

Or ride the brakes.

Drive at a constant speed

Use lights for safety but off to save gas

Clear off all snow and ice

Park in the shade

Use the air conditioner in your car as little as possible

Use your cruise control - staying at a constant speed will save gas

Then again it is common sense to keep your car running smoothly 

Air filters clean heep your car run better

Keep tires properly inflated. Underinflation of your tires can cost you as much as 1 mpg

oil changes according to the car manufacturer’s recommended schedule.
same with tune ups  worn spark plugs can cost you as much as 2 mpg.

I think the best thing I read as far as advise was to drive like you have a cup of hot coffee on your dashboard.


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