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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Would you live in a Church?

The many green idea for the housing market are as simple as reusing old buildings and other things.  I saw this converted Anglican church in East Cambridgeshire England. and thought how beautiful. I love churches beautiful windows, high arches and open floor plan.  I really wouldn't mind it at all........

Other eco-friendly ideas for homes I have stumbled across:

There is a boat on land that a couple made into a house on the island of Put-In-Bay on Lake Eire. This boat was build by Henry Ford!

Specking of local area reusing  urban ideas for housing: The areas Quaker Square Inn is made from  converted silo complex that once held more than 1.5 million grain bushels! It is listed as a historical landmark.  It is however been sold to the University of Akron  for a dormitory for 382 students.

A family made a house and play house out of plastic soda bottles in Argentina . EVEN the furniture was made with empty plastic bottles.

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