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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Yep I was at work but my supervisor is very supportive of the earth momma as my co-workers call me. "Huh never heard of Earth Hour. WTH is a earth hour. " some asked. I told them it was a grassroots organization to bring attention to the climate change. To help end our dependence on fossil fuels. With the news that the price of gas will be around 3 dollars a gallon by summer!" Jeff my supervisor is a light shade of green, he recycles and tries to save on his utilities bills seeing how he is a new home owner. But listens to my rants about the environment by adding his agreement.So when I said I was turning off half the light to show my support for climate change; he was all for it.

When the manager announced the store was closed I switched one light switch. Ok so the first one is the one for the front of the bakery. Yea poor Jeff was there.  I said ok that wasn't the one to turn off, Sorry, as i turned off the other switch.  He laughed and said Yea.... That's better as I turned it back on for him.......... But he laughed!

Then a co-worker that used to work in the same department with me clocked out right after me.  She teased me she thought I be gone by now.  She saw the lights off and thought I went home. I told about earth hour and teased that the pizza she was taking home can easily be eaten in the dark. And it could turn into a som'thing som'thing type of evening.... But her boyfriends kids will be there this week-end, laughed she just be hearing them snore.  I laughed that she could use it as a settle down the kids.  History lesson on how this is how kids many years ago had to live.....

I return home to many lights on remind them IT'S EARTH Hour... Dang you guys told me you turn off all non-essential lighting for earth hour. But the TV is off, the computer is off so what is left? I wasn't going to far, they did that. So I guess they where thinking less electricity.....and the lights where on in the kitchen and living room as always at night. They were eating....plus getting the kitchen cleaned up for me cause they love to dirty every dish when I work all week-end and I don't have anything clean to use.    
Yahoo has over 135 pictures of Earth Hour pictures of the landmarks that went dark for climate change.   
I went to the Earth hour page to see what they had and saw scrolling across the bottom:    A record breaking 126 countries and territories now taking part!  

Wow....Screaming their support towards a sustainable future. 



  1. I love the Earth hour Post!, I am following now.



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