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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happier Period..........??

Oh yes it's that time of the month again. Moon time. Ragging. A visit from Aunt Flo. The curse. Whatever you call it; it is something that us women deal with.

Many are made with synthetic fibers. Leading to a higher chance  for Toxic shock syndrome. Plus they are made from rayon, which is  a wood-pulp derivative,... Then there is dioxin, which many sites (company sites and those site that are teaching our young girls about their periods) will tell you that you are expose to a small amount, one even stated that it was as much as you have normally in your system... But company site also swears that  they use non-chlorine bleach. Dioxin is a by-product from chlorine-bleaching process of paper products........ So which is true low levels or non-chlorine bleaching of products....... dioxin may be linked to lower sperm counts in men,  endometriosis in women, and a depressed immune system in both according to the University of South Florida study.  Other studies show that dioxin may be linked to cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Each year women in the U.S. throw over 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons into landfills and sewage systems. If we used  five tampons a day, five days a month for 38 menstruating years. That's 11,400 tampons in a lifetime just for one woman. Thousands of tampon applicators are washing  up on coastal beaches every day.  tampons and their applicators do not decompose in sewage treatment systems they just get released into the water systems....... 

A little know secret about menstrual care is yes there are greener ways!
The Diva Cup
Goddess Moons - woman owned and operated home business in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (for my Canadian followers)

Plus many moms are on Etsy that make them!
If you sew you can make your own with a pattern from Lunapads

If you're leaving your moonpads to soak, change the water daily.  You can pour the soaking  water into houseplants, it's great fertilizer.

My own personal story is I was diagnosed with Endometriosis I had 2 surgeries to burn off the "growth". I had vomiting, dizziness, heavy bleeding and painful cramping. I found the Lunapads and tried them. I then found the Diva cup and use that. After using for I would say over 6 months I did still have pain and migraines but they were not the type I have to stay in bed my first and sometimes seconds days! They are great!

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