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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going for the Gold!

Who is watching the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver? I get to see some of the games at work. Really sorry to say but I am not really that interested in sports.

But finding out that the Olympic medals are made with recycled electronics parts that does interest me....  Teck Resources is a metal company right there in  Vancouver that is supplying the medals that the athletics have been dreaming about maybe all their lives!!   Teck's President and CEO Don Lindsay comments, "We're also excited that these medals will contain recycled metal recovered from end-of-life electronics, consistent with the sustainability philosophy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Granted it isn't 100% recycled but a small part: gold: 1.52 percent; silver: 0.122 percent; and copper: 1.11 percent. Anything recycled is better then not recycled.  Every little bit helps! Kept many items out of the land fill and poisoning our environment.  That equaled  6.8 metric tonnes of electronics circuit boards for the 1,000 medals made.  Not bad! 

Gee we need a environment group to give a gold metal to the  Teck Resources metal company for being the first for finding a way to make the 2010 Olympic games green!!

Plus it goes to show everyone that the 1.52% didn't seem like much but the amount that was saved from the landfill is a big savings.  Plus if you think about it when we do what we can it will make a big difference.

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