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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sounds like something that the kids might say when you announce that you are serving broccoli tonight. Phth. Phthalates are the phth we need to remove from our homes. Studies  have shown that they can cause reproductive and developmental disorders, cancer, and organ damage. Phthalates are found in soft plastic. BPA is found in hard plastics.

They many times are not listed.  So how is a green consumer going to know?  Watch the soft flexible plastic and vinyl products.  Phthalates are in children toys; shower curtains and personal care products. However the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that anything that will go into a babies or toddlers mouth is no longer made with phthalates. One sign of relieve.

The one thing that shocked me was the study from Vermont Public Interest Research Group that found phthalates in those shape and bake clay. They contain 14% phthalates by weight. Dang.

Surprising report from CBS called The Disappearing Male reports study to show that phthalates cause more problems with our boys. Lower hormone caused deformities.


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