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Friday, March 12, 2010

Reuse Groups or Cleaning up the Clutter!

Have something around the house you need to take to Goodwill? Forgot it last time? Something that you want to give to someone that really needs it? Join a reuse group.
ReUseIt Network

I have gotten a new kitchen facet threw freecycle. I also help some people out with freecycling the crawling machines old clothes (you know babies cost money!!), my don't need 2 Thermos lunch boxes, clothes from all us girls in the house and shelves that where just to big for the house. I didn't have to take a trip to goodwill or worse then that put them on the curb. Smiley got some dishes for her new place; and the nice ladies asked is it ok they don't match? Nope they where nice pieces like salt pepper shakers, serving dish and more.... it help out Smiley that has not a lot of anything...... I really like giving something that I can't use any more to someone that needs it. Just like the church pulling together after a young family lost thier house to a fire I get things that I haven't used in years box it up and give to someone that really needs it........ It feels better than donating.... but I still donate! Goodwill and Salvation Army stores around here do more then sell clothes, they help those you need help. Jobs, clothes and etc.

Even a website from Nike: Nike Grind where you can find places to take your old beat up to nasty to give away, donate and should be thrown away athletic shoes. They turn them into sports flooring for in your area. Check out the find the stores map. I do have to drive to get to a store but that might change.....


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