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Friday, July 23, 2010

3 Little birds

There where a momma bird and her 2 babies that have been staying in the nest over the light on the neighbors porch. I noticed yesterday the babies heads higher than I ever saw them. I thought I should get my camera and take my pictures, I might get lucky and see the momma kicking the babies out of the nest. The babies learning to fly.. Well I went to work and worked till 9PM this morning I see no birds... Oh well I started my mini vacay a day to late......

But I have to post this for the running machine, he loves this song he see on Nick Jr all the time. He loves the moose!!

I sing this all the time, when I get to send time with the running machine. He gets all exited to hear me sing... I love it, his big eyes looking at me like I am a rock star.......
This is my message to you...

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