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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boom!!! Boom!!

Through a Dog's Ear is a website that has down-loadable music for your canine friends this holiday. The forth of July can be the longest month here at my house. Seems that my neighbors believe that fire works should and are set off at all times if the day. Plus for many of us in the neighborhood it is maddening that we get to hear them well into the night.  With people having tomorrow off too; I know tonight will be a very long night.  It does distress my poor animals to hear load noises.  Plus the screaming after the loud boom gets them too.  The other night I had a dog on my one leg, a cat on the other plus a cat rubbing on my head from behind my neck.   Yea it been fun on 90 degree days to have my fur babies on me shaking and whining.

Yes they are illegal in my area, but the cops do drive down the street once in a while looking for the illegal displays.

Through a Dog's Ear has music like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and more.  They suggest that you play the music low. Don't try to overpower the fireworks. That will just over excite your animals.  We have been using a loud box fan for the cover up of the fireworks when we leave the house. Like I said they set them off all hours of the day and night.

I also saw that lavender essential oil applied on the spine can help relax your fur babies.  I haven't try that yet but it is tonight I KNOW will be the craziest with the fireworks....  Last year I couldn't sleep because the house across the street  had been lighting off fireworks most of the night.  I pass out around 3 AM and wake at 8AM and they are still lighting off fireworks and laughing.

So being off today is unusual but working the next day isn't. I get to try to sleep through the fireworks, the yahoos! screams and my animals freaking out..... Sad thing is we will be busier then a normal Monday because many people have the day off.  Joy, Joy.

I got a jury duty notice and have to call the fifth to see if I have jury duty.  I don't mind doing jury duty at all it is my civil duty.  Just thinking it may have been different if I did have to go in on the fifth... I can see me being cranky sitting there being asked questions.  If it is a person being tried for firework possession.... I might be crazy and try to make them work in an animal shelter during a firework display and then a loud thunderstorm..... Yea how cool is it now big man.... Sorry didn't get much sleep last night. I had a cat on my legs most of the night. I keep the windows closed to keep the loud booms outside. Plus the smell of gun powder. Yea that a mix loud booms and the smell of gun powder makes my animals freaked out. Loud booms and loud Yahoo screams.... I live by a bunch of Yahoos!!

Happy Forth of July everyone.  We are having hamburgers and brats. or is it Italian sausage? Oh well I got out voted for beer can chicken.  Boston baked beans, grilled corn on the cob, foil wrapped potatoes and watermelon. 

The forth for me is the cookout and summer type foods!


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