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Monday, July 19, 2010

Head out on the Highway....

What ever happened to electric cars? So it is the latest thing that  bio-fuel is really not going anywhere due to cost of growing and manufacturing.  So we have  NmG, Zap and few others that are popular. These EV are small around town cars. They look like covered motorcycles. Not good for families. Great commuter  car but not practical for a family. Who can afford to have a extra car? These cars cost more than a regular car they are for the ubber rich green.  Many companies have been talking for years  that they are going to manufacturer a EV  (electric vehicle) but where are they???

Then the main car makers have talked about EV also. Chevy is going to be making the Volt that  was suppose to be out this year now it is next year.  Nissan is talking about Leaf (oh so green sounding). When it that suppose to come out I can't find any date set for release.  Smart cars where going to market a EV also.  Dodge had a EV in the 2009 car show called Circuit. Before that there was one called Demon, but many auto blogs and sites believe that Demon's name was changed to Circuit because they thought that the name wouldn't help sell the car just freak people out.  I have to say Circuit looks like a Demon but with a more sport car polish!!  Nice but again no date and not sure with the fall out of the company what is done with the car.... Sigh...

I love the Electrica  a Korean electric car
But I can't find any more info on these cars. They where suppose to be in production in the UK and coming over to the US in 2009.

Or I see the Fisker car that is planning on producing the Karma at a former General Motors Corp. plant in Wilmington, Del. Kinda looks like Testa Roadster.  

SO I wait for a EV. I also wait to see what is going to happen with Washington and the green action that Obama promised.  Guess we need to get these companies off their buts and build us some save and energy efficient cars....... 


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