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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DO I smell?

Ah my adventures with deodorants and antiperspirants.

The way  antiperspirant work is by blocking up the pores in the underarm area.  Deodorant kills the odor causing bacteria. Ok maybe it's not proven but it is thought that many of the chemicals in these product can cause cancer. Specially breast cancer. Seeing how there are glands close to your pits. PS some of the ingredients are know to cause problems with hormones. Not a good thing so close to a hormone driven gland!!   

I am trying to find a eco-friendly deodorant and or antiperspirant.  Non-toxic formulas.  This winter I used baking soda with lavender EO essential oil.

Here is some other EOs that have antibacterial qualities:

cinnamon bark
tea tree

But this summer it isn't doing it job. so I try to find something that will help my sweaty pits.
First I try a liquid crystal..I left my pits feeling sticky ... then after I shaved after using it for 3 days I had a rash on my pits that burned like they where on fire.....Was it the deodorant, the shaver or a combination of both??   what can I use now? I looked on line and found suggestions for natural (eco-friendly) deodorants.  Baking soda on a rash... no I don't think so. Witch hazel? Lemon juice? Ouch!! Green tea? Maybe I will try it but then I had to make the tea wait til it cooled and wait for it to dry on my underarms. Yea I went a couple days without deodorant.

Then I read that the liquid crystal is a product that you must use lightly or it can cause irritation. Now you tell me. Maybe I will give it another try but I am kinda scared....  I got another deodorant from the store and it smells ok but it leaves my pits feeling sticky again...  So I add a light coating of the baking soda after I apply the deodorant.  A friend told me "not baking soda try corn starch like we use that for babies bottoms and to help with diaper rash, maybe that will help you and your pits...."  hummm


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