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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Saving Money

Driving  to work this morning I heard the disc jockeys talking about the US News and Money article  21 Things You Should Never Buy New But they didn't go into to much of the article so I had to do a search for it.

DVDs and CDs
Video Games

Places like Game Stop is a great place to save on these items  Plus get some spending money take in your old I beat that game to a resale store and they might even buy the game off of you.

The library has sales on books. But you can always borrow the book!  There is a couple sites online that you can buy used books in great condition. Amazon.com I like Powell's Books All the books I ordered from them were great looking books and a couple were listed as good condition.  

Special Occasion and Holiday Clothing Jewelry
Maternity and Baby Clothes
Office Furniture
Ikea Furniture
Home Accent

Resale shops and consignment are a good place to find deals on these items

Oh yea your area Salvation Army store, Goodwill or resale shop will have these plus this items too:

Craft Supplies
Hand Tools
Games and Toys
Sports Equipment
Gardening Supplies

The hard  part  about  The Salvation Army store, Goodwill or resale shops are you can't always count on what you need being there.  But it is a good thing to remember you can get things like this.  PLUS you need to look over your stuff. Things get donated ripped, torn broken or with missing pieces.  But many solid things like furniture can be repaired, repainted, stained or  still used a little ugly looking (like a rusty hammer)


Adopt  from reputable No Kill shelter.  Sometimes breeders are not the most loving place to be a fur baby from. Not to say that there isn't some great breeders out there just that some are know for cruel acts. (ok cruel in my book)

Consumer Electronics

Refurbished electronic goods  have been fixed and then inspected.  Make sure you have a good warranty for the work.



We know that! But the house... ok with the housing market the way it is now more and more people are updating their houses  to be green. It is the market trend. More people are upgrading to eco-friendly remodeling then selling or buying new housing.
I don't trust used car salesman, but you know your car goes down in value the minute it is drove off the lot........  


Oh yea the whatevers that I keeping getting snail mail for.  I don't have any to sell and don't want to buy any....... 

Recreational Items 

Recreational campers, boats and big ticket ideas are a better deal used again Something you really need to check and make sure is in great shape.  But I have my tent.Can't afford a used camper..... But I have rented cabins. Cheaper than a motel room and more fun!!


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