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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wild Gray Woman

I hate having my picture taken. i really do. It always looks so horrible that it realy doesn't look like me.  I know it sounds crazy.  but I do hate my picture taken!

Worst then that I am thinking of doing something radical. I want to stop dying my hair. Yes I want to stop using toxic hair dye knowing that most hair dyes are made with petroleum byproducts and cause damage to the environment .  Being a environmentalist, I should have  know better.  I found out this info and now I must do something about it.  Or not do something because of it.

Not to mention all the chemicals and irritates that the hair dye has. I laugh when people tell me that they have to dye their hair because that is the only way they can deep condition their hair. Because the truth is it weakens your hair. You are striping the outer part of your hair to let color sink it.  You can get the same thing with a deep conditioner or leaving it on your hair for a half an hour....  Then I found out that smell that we get is a chemical reaction of sulfur from our damaged hair.  hummm I am having a heck of a time with the frizzy ends....

Plus all the chemicals!
Hair stylist have a higher chance of getting bladder cancer or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. So do women that routinely dye their hair. Not something I want to  do just to up my chances at finding out.........

You know ignorance  is bliss   Doing the right thing isn't always easy......
But I know I will have a growing out period that might not be easy...... I won't look like me. I might start to look (gasp) old....

But will it really be that hard to do? I mean the time we have to take to put that smelly stuff all over our heads and wait 20-30 minutes, Oh if you are really late at the coloring, you have to dye your roots first.  You have to just do the roots then after 10 or so minutes dye the rest of our hair to even it out...... Or just do the roots with the new product to try to keep your roots from giving away you have got some gray up there.

What do you think? Gray hair equal old lady? Or freedom from chemicals? 
Would you stop dying your hair?  Do you even dye your hair?

The girls are betting how long it is till I go and buy a box of some  hair dye.  I told them ha ha it would have to be a natural hair dye like from the health food store.  No more petroleum byproduct. Miss Animal Rights found a gray hair and tells me it my fault, I told it was pay back for my gray hair are her fault.... teasingly. Smiley on the other hand is freaking out, she dyes her hair more than I did. She was upset to hear that it was a petroleum byproduct. And with the Gulf Oil Spill  you know that prices will go upon gas and petroleum products . She is upset the price of dye may go up....

But most of the time when I dye my hair it turns red. Yep a reddish tint. I get deep brown or sunshine blond, my hair turns shades or tints of a auburn reddish color.  I might be able to get away with henna.......... But my favorite thing is cold coffee, it suppose to help natural pigments........ I use a vinegar rinse  with sage and rosemary that is suppose to help gray hair........
I can't wait to hear what my beautician friends are going to say! LOL specially one- he likes to tell me Looks it's time to color again. Yea he likes to tease me that I don't kill (dye) my hair I color it....  

On with the experiment.. 


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