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Monday, July 5, 2010

Leftover Beer?

So did everyone enjoy the fireworks? Well we found that the canine was ok as long as he was busy. He didn't hear the fireworks when the ball is being thrown. Miss Animal rights and I got a workout. PLUS he made friends with my dad. (the dog hasn't been to sure about my dad, but he loved having his ball thrown by a fresh arm!! A male arm that could throw hard and further!)

Well the only thing missing was the left over beer.  I thought about the this morning.

 I am use to finding beer cans and bottles half empty all around the porch and house. Strange thing is I have been here for about 5 years but  I use to live close to downtown. A place where  friends and neighbors would have a few beers before walking to the park to watch the fireworks. Cause parking was easier and we were closer to the interstate.  I would use the beer I found to good use.

I would use the stale beer to trap the bugs in the garden. Most of the time it was a few tomato plants and strawberry patch.  Just pour a little beer into a pie pan and watch the slug and bug party begin.  I used to tease the guys the bugs where as bad as them. They drink too much and drown!

Later that night I would use the beer found inside to rinse my hair.  Beer has vitamin B and natural sugars that  add body and shine. You could use as a setting lotion.  A ex-boyfriend use to tease me I had the right "perfume"  after I would rinse my hair in beer.  It doesn't smell like beer afterward cause you rinse the beer out with cooler water. But the bathroom does smell like beer when you are using it....

So I am excited to hear from a friend that beer can also take out stains in your carpet. OK. Cool I have a stain that I have tried to get out for a while now.  But no stale beer... so I guess I will have to wait, til Jan. 2? LOL You use the stale beer like you do spot remover that you buy at the store. You dampen a clean cloth with beer and pat the stain up with a dry clean cloth. 

I knew I should have made beer can chicken... I might have some beer left over... Well the drinkers where hung over I don't think they would have opened any in the first place......


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