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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eco-friendly Mom Sayings

My daughters love to tease me . they say I say the craziest things. Who me??? Well I guess if you had a listening devise in my house you might die laughing.... they do!

They told their friends one afternoon sitting in my living room some of these crazy things

The number one thing, the thing I say the most and really don't get why this is funny....is:

"Don't throw that away!!"
I sat there asking why is that funny. Guess most parents want their kids to throw things away. Oh.... But then I usually follow with saying recycle that, compost that or we can reuse that.
It was shocking that I was asked by the girls' friends what is compost? How do you compost that?  They think that is throwing it away just throwing away outside....

So Smiley said Oh no the best funniest thing is when she comes up the  stairs  screaming
"I can't find my balls"  or  "Where are my balls?"
Insert loud laughter here.....
 smart a** male friend - asked are they are  blue......Yes Smooth talker.  a couple are and the others are white and blue.. but I am use to him, I have know him for almost 10 years...)  
yes I really say that..... I am doing laundry and when I go to put my towels in the dryer I don't see my dryer balls.  So I yell up the stairs "I can't find my balls"  or  "Where are my balls?" or "Can I have my balls back?"   Because they like to hide in sweatshirts or blankets sometimes and the girls will bring them up in their baskets and then place them on the dresser, table or where ever.  So I have to go looking for my balls.... Of course the dog is going crazy looking for his ball, he wants to play.  Oh yea he likes to help me pick them up after they fall out of the dryer.  Then I am heard saying "that's my ball dog, you have your own."  Of course my young adults are rolling on the floor, saying he doesn't have any we got him fixed..... I have to snicker at that one..

So they got me some laundry balls.  Yea the girls told me they know how I like balls so they got me some more, this time for the washer. They are smaller than the dryer balls.  Great more balls for me to look for.......... I might have to scream "have you seen my little  balls??" upstairs........oh I can just hear it now......

AHHHHHH Plastic water bottles  in my house!!!! Oh you have sold my soul to the devil.  Ok I stole that from Living with Ed commercial on Planet Green. . 

That's ok. Time for  things heard said by eco-friendly daughters. Or how you know they are starting to get it.....

"Oh!  better check that for high fructose corn syrup, mom will have a fit. Or Mom won't get it - it has high fructose corn syrup, artificial color,  or fake sugar in it."

"MOM I don't like this yogurt want me to save it for your face and/or hair?"

"MOM can I use out dated lemon juice to clean that?" I tell them if it doesn't smell or tease them as long as they don't drink it...

"my junk mail is on the computer desk to be used as scrap paper."



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