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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Cooking?

So you want to lower your utilities bills by finding the lowest possible energy using appliances. But the fact is we use 50 percent of our energy for cooking. This includes the hot water heater for cooking and cleaning. So where can you cut back? A table of energy use of kitchen cooking can be found on
Micheal Bluejay site.
   Well the microwave is the cheapest most efficient way of cooking. With it fast cooking times. Now many people don't believe that a microwave is safe. I mean the nickname we call striking in a microwave is nuked? The truth is microwaves are targeting the water and fat molecules. It heats them up not nuking the food with radio active waste. You can warm up food in the microwave.  Only cook somethings nicely.  Where somethings are just better cooked the old fashion way.

The a crock-pot that works on the almost the same amount of energy that a microwave works on for 6.75 hours longer!  Have your crock-pot plugged in and cooking while you are working could cost only around a dime (maybe a little more)!! Not bad for a time saver. Plus during the heat wave- you don't need to heat up the house while cooking... This type of cooking does work best for stews and soups.

Crank on the toaster oven for that quick pizza snack! You don't have to wait for a pre-heating time and it is not too bad on the pocket book with 4 cents for a hour for cooking. Pizza snacks take what a  half a hour at the most... cha-ching...

However if you are cooking a big meal and cook many things at once the oven can be energy saving. If you count the times and what you have cook all together. For around 7 cents for a hour the stove top cooks your food but if you have all 4 burners going that can add up where in the oven it is twice that. However if the oven is full and I have more than 2 items, I am saving energy.  I like to try to cook things together.  I have been know to say since we have the oven on lets cook this too. Or pick the vegetable that can be baked........



  1. Totally agree with you. Most of my energy consumption are cooking. Perhaps should start eating raw - like vege - don't really have to cook.

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